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INVEST: Workforce


make it happenWorkforce Training Initiatives

When a family in poverty falls into crisis, it is often just that crisis that receives treatment, and then often only enough to mitigate the immediate crisis and no more. Rarely does the family receive help with the half dozen core challenges that led to the crisis in the first place (or that will lead to the next crisis). The crisis is treated: the person or family rarely is.


INVEST: University Area uses these same strategies and principles to address the desperate need to more and better workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities for UAC residents. INVEST stands for:

      • Individualized - Individualized planning based on the client’s interests and strengths. Choices are possible through leveraging existing programs offered by our broad Partners Coalition. Also, individualized service for local employers to fill their hiring needs.
      • Networking – A coalition of University Area employers is being built to leverage existing career opportunities and strategically plan trainings for opportunities of the future. Through networking and communication we intend to give local companies budget neutral ways to engage in economic development in the UAC.
      • Vision – We are exploring cutting edge collaborations with partners like MOSI and the CDC of Tampa to create training programs for 21st century technologies and careers.
      • Entrepreneurialism – Through our University Area Community Market and micro-lending programs like our Make It Happen Fund (which is scheduled to apply and qualify as an SBA Micro Lending Intermediary by 2015), UACDC will foster entrepreneurialism in the UAC. A new partnership with the SBDC will allow us to give new small businesses the knowledge and support to succeed.
      • Soft Skills – Through workshops, classes and daily access to our computer lab, UACDC will be helping people from the UAC learn the soft skills needed to improve their chances at landing a good job. We will teach skills like resume writing (and building), interview skills, dressing for the job, etc.
      • Training - UACDC will maximize existing training programs in and around the community in order to honor the dreams and strengths of each individual client. We will also provide scholarships and transportation to the CDC of Tampa’s “Tampa Vocational Institute” and its multiple certification training programs.

The initiative adopts proven techniques and best practices from other disciplines in order to help individuals improve their employment opportunities in a way that’s holistic, highly involved and driven by the individuality, strengths and dreams of the people being served. These techniques and practices have had remarkable results in the fields of nursing, disease management, ex-offender reintegration and developmental disabilities services here in the United States and abroad. We expect similar results as we apply these principals to the problems of unemployment and under employment.

The program is based on the following evidence-based, best practices:

      • Self-Regulation Theory (SRT) - SRT is a process that helps people develop and mobilize their potential for self-directed change. Intention and desire must be bolstered by the capability for exercising influence over one’s own motivation and behavior. When people attend closely to their performances, they are inclined to set goals for progressive improvement for themselves without being encouraged to do so. (Health Psychology – 2013)
      • Relational Regulation Theory (RRT) - Perceived support is consistently linked to good mental health, which is typically explained as resulting from objectively supportive actions that buffer stress. The main effects occur when people regulate their affect, thought, and action through ordinary yet affectively consequential conversations and shared activities, rather than through conversations about how to cope with stress. Social support interventions will be more effective if they harness relational regulation. The wider the diversity of potential relationships and quasi relationships that are available to recipients, the greater the likelihood of effective regulation. (Psychology Review – 2011)

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