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University Area Community Garden

University Area Community Garden · 13704 North 20th Street · Tampa, FL 33613

In a modern American community that has overall health outcomes equal to those of El Salvador, one thing is clear: it is essential that UACDC and its partners help the people who live in our community take control of their health and wellness. This is especially important when you consider the health disparities experienced in our community, as evidenced by the Florida Department of Health statistics (specific to our service area) below.

• Blacks suffer stroke at twice the rate of Non Hispanic Whites
• Blacks experience stroke-related death 50% more often
• Diabetes rate among black women is 29% versus 7% for Hillsborough County
• Diabetes-related hospitalization rates continue to worsen and exceed the rate for the state of Florida
• Blacks experience diabetes-related mortality at twice the rate of Non Hispanic Whites

All of that is to say nothing of what poor nutrition is doing to our community’s children. The combination of food insecurity and the ravages of childhood obesity are inhibiting our children’s ability to learn and thrive. Their lives are being shortened by something that is entirely preventable.

community garden 02That is why UACDC is created a Community Garden in the heart of the neighborhood. Community members will be able to invest time and sweat equity to enhance their families’ nutrition. Each “gardener” will be able to keep a percentage of what they grow to bring home to their families. The remaining food will be either distributed to other at-risk families through partners like Feeding America or sold at markets and local restaurants to en-sure the sustainability and growth of the community garden.

Good nutrition is a key component to improving the health outcomes of the University Area residents as well as keeping our residents healthy and strong.

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