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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What are the operating hours of the Prodigy Program?
A. While each Prodigy Site Location’s hours are different, all Prodigy sites have operating hours that correspond to local public school release times. Prodigy is an after school program and the hours of operation reflect this.


Q. My child cannot make it to class during the week.
      Does Prodigy offer classes on the weekends?

A. Some Prodigy sites do offer classes on Saturdays. Check your local Prodigy to see if they operate on the weekend.


Q. What are the ages of the youth attending Prodigy?
      Can my children all attend class together?

A. Prodigy offers classes to youth ages 7-17 years old. Classes are divided into two age groups: 7-12 year olds and 13-17 year olds. If your children fall into the same age group they may take classes together. If they are in separate age groups they will be unable to attend classes at the same time. This division by ages allows instructors to provide age-appropriate instruction to all youth.


Q. How much does Prodigy cost?
A. Prodigy is a free after school cultural arts program. Prodigy is funded through a grant from the Department of Juvenile Justice and Partners with local organizations in order to serve local populations. Prodigy is a free to all youth who qualify to enter the Program.


Q. What are the requirements to attend Prodigy classes?
      How can I enroll my child?

A. Prodigy requires that a parent or guardian meet with a site manager to fill out the enrollment packet. For more information on requirements to attend a Prodigy program near you please call or visit a local Prodigy office. Contact information can be found under the “Sites” and “Locations” tabs on this website.


Q. Is Prodigy offered where I am located?
A. Prodigy serves the West Central region of Florida, and  is offered in seven counties—Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Orange, Manatee and Sarasota. Within each county, Prodigy operates at multiple locations through partnerships with area organizations. Visit the “Locations” tab on this website for information on finding a location nearest you.


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